Frequently asked questions

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Q: What time does the nursery open and close?

We open at 7:30am, Monday to Friday and close at 6:00pm Monday to Thursday and at 5:30pm on Fridays.

Q: Does the nursery have a settling in period for new children?

Yes! we offer two settling in sessions, an hour each session that is free of charge. These sessions can be done once you have registered your child to start at the nursery.

We advise that you spend one session with your child in their base room which will give you an opportunity to engage with your child’s key worker and ask any questions. The second session is for you to leave your child and come back to collect them after the hour.

Preferably these sessions should be taken consecutively and as close as possible to your child’s actual start date at the nursery.

Q: Is it normal for my child to cry when I drop them to nursery?

All children are different! it is important to remember that this will be a new environment for your child, but our staff are excellent at settling children in at their own pace.

Some children do take longer than others but trust us, we are experts at the art of making all of our new children and families feel welcome.

Q: What if my child doesn't eat the food that is served?

Don’t worry! we would never let your child miss a meal time and would always offer an alternative.

Q: If I am late to collect my child, will there be an extra charge?

Where we do realise that there are times which can be unavoidable, for example accidents in the city centre causing traffic, we do urge you to be respectful of our time and give us a call to let you know how far away you are.

Our charges are £1.00 per minute! these should not be paid as part of your fee but directly to the staff member who has had to wait with your child.

Q: When do my nursery fees need to be paid?

In order to maintain your child’s nursery place, your fees should be paid in full on the first day each week of your child’s attendance.

If your fees aren’t paid then your child won’t be allowed to come to nursery and their place will be temporarily suspended or terminated at the managers discretion.