Meal Time Menus

All of our meals are prepared on site by our fully trained and qualified nursery cook.

We meet the cultural, religious and dietary needs for all of our children and you are informed at the end of each day on your child’s ‘daily sheet’ what your child has had to eat, and how much they have eaten.

There are three set meal times within the day:

  • Breakfast: 7:30am – 9:00am
  • Dinner: 11:00am
  • Tea: 3:00pm

Practitioners always sit with the children and babies at meal times and assist with feeding where it is necessary.

Our food is cooked from a menu which is rotated on a five week basis, and has been devised according to government guidelines to incorporate all of the necessary nutritional content needed for a child's diet.

In between set meal times, we also provide snacks for the children, which is always fruits or vegetables, whole wheat biscuits or raisins with cool boiled water available for all of the babies and children throughout the day, in their own water beakers.

The pre-school and Tweenie children are encouraged to pour out their own water from the water jug as and when they require it, as part of their learning process, in relation to keeping healthy, basic mathematics and of course encouraging independence.

For our very young babies who are on formula milk, we ask that parents provide us with the powder formula or ready made bottles. If you would also like to provide blended food for your young babies then we are more than happy to serve this to your baby.

download sample menu